How-to-Tuesday: Hosting a Backyard Party


Summer is making its way in, and it’s finally time to put on some shorts, sit outside and enjoy the warm weather. Better yet, it’s the perfect time of year to host a backyard party with family and friends!  Who doesn’t love a barbecue with good food, good drinks, and good company? From decorating your patio to finding the perfect recipe, this summer entertainment guide makes it easy for you! Check out these tips on how to host a fun backyard party that won’t break the bank!


Outdoor decorations can really help boost the party, but who says you have to spend a fortune making your backyard look nice? Instead of using expensive lights to hang around your backyard, whip out your Christmas lights and hang them around your porch or backyard fence. To give them a summery feel, add small white plastic cups around the bulb. Cut small holes in the bottoms of the cups and add them as tiny lampshades for better illumination. You can decorate or color the cups to really spice things up!


Don’t Blow Your Budget on Meat! You don’t need to break the bank by grilling steak, chicken, or fish. Brats, hamburgers and hotdogs can go a long way, and the majority of your guests will most likely love them! If you are looking to get creative, provide a variety of toppings for your guests such blue cheese, chopped bacon, or barbecue sauce to put inside the burger patties before they hit the grill. Get creative and enjoy!

Ask your guests to bring side dishes as well! This will save you plenty of time and money. Not to mention, there will be a larger variety of food for you and your guests! Just be sure to ask nicely!


Of course there should always be non-alcoholic beverages such as water or soda, but if you want to spice things up a bit, there are plenty of summer cocktails for those 21+ guests to enjoy! However, adult beverages are normally the most expensive thing on the list so ask your guests to B.Y.O.B, especially since you’re hosting and providing food. The key is just not to be shy—guests want to help. Not only will this help on costs, but everyone will be happy!

Alternatively, you can consider getting mixers to make fruity drinks or create a concoction yourself. My favorite summer drink is Sangria and isn’t just for red wine lovers. My version uses white wine, seltzer, strawberries, and peaches. It’s perfect for a summer party! Click here to get the recipe!



Who says games are just for kids? Plan a few activities to keep your guests active. The simple “bags” game is a great addition to a barbeque or any summer get-together! Bags sets can get a little pricey though, so why not make it yourself!  Another fun game that young adults will love is Ladder Golf (an addictive lawn game that can be inexpensively made using PVC tubing, string, and a few golf balls). Both games are affordable, fairly easy to make and will be sure to entertain your guests all night!

Side Note: Set out a few decks of cards as well for your guests who are waiting to the other games! The more activities the better!




Every party needs some type of music to keep your guests entertained! It’s good to mix some old and new songs on your playlist to please everyone! My favorite is my Summer Hits of the 90’s playlist on Pandora. For those of you who are in their early twenties, you will remember these songs from a time back when shows like Boy Meets World were still on television. Brings back childhood memories and will be sure to put a smile on your guests face!


I don’t know about you guys but I am ready to throw a backyard party! For more fun and creative backyard party ideas check out this list I found on!



Jessica M.

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