Thrifty Thursday: Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners

Pet lovers, this one is for you! Many of us consider our pets to be part of the family. And maybe we go a little overboard on spending money on them. While my family doesn’t buy our dog Brody fancy clothing or take him for spa treatments, we do find ourselves buying him toys here and there, even if he doesn’t need them.

So how can we save money on our beloved pets? Here are 5 Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners that might be useful! Check them out:

1. Pet-proof your home
Before you decide to get a pet, you might want to take a moment to remember your furniture as it once was. Clawing, chewing, peeing–this is why you can no longer have nice things. Oh the sacrifices we make for those 4-legged creatures!

Not to mention, there are more dangerous things pets can get into. Things like plants or cleaning supplies which can be harmful to animals. It’s important to educate yourself about the possible hazards around your house. Doing so could save you from an expensive vet bill (or, more importantly, save your pet’s life). Here are some tips for pet-proofing:

  • Lock up your cleaning supplies–make sure your pet can’t get inside the cabinets where you keep this stuff.
  • Pick up small items that your pet could swallow and possibly choke on
  • Avoid giving your pet harmful food. Stick to their recommended diet!


2. Give your pet attention, rather than new things
Dogs love their owners, and just spending quality time with them is a great way to keep them happy and help avoid behavior problems. Buying them new toys does no good if you’re not playing with your pet. So instead of buying a new toy every time you go to Target for your furry friend, give your pet the unconditional love they deserve. You are all they have in life!


3. When saving for emergencies, don’t forget your pet!
If something happens to your pet and you have to rush to the vet, chances are you’ll receive a bill higher than the expense of a regular health check-up. So, why not put a little money away each paycheck into a savings account for your pet? It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


4. Learn to groom
Taking your pet to a dog groomer each month can get extremely expensive! Sure, it’s better when an expert does it, but it’s not impossible to learn to groom your own pet. My dog Brody turns into a huge fluff ball if we don’t get him trimmed frequently. During the summer especially because he gets too hot. So why not groom your pet yourself. It may be a little uneven at first but who cares! They won’t know the difference and will love you just the same. The cost of grooming my dog in is about $50, and I imagine it’s more expensive for larger dogs. So if you’re up for it, learn to groom yourself and save some money. Just be careful with the clippers.


5. Buy discounted pet food
Sites such as PetFoodDirect and PetFlow and large retailers such as Costco, Sam’s Club, Petco , Theisens and  PetSmart may offer big discounts on your favorite brand of dog food or even special bulk pricing.

Also don’t overfeed your pet! It’s not healthy for your furry friend and you will be coughing up more cash each month!


It’s easy to spend a fortune on your pets and it’s worth it to know they’re healthy. But if you can cut some of the costs on them, even better. This is a great time to focus on you and your pets needs vs. wants!

Do you have any of your own tips for saving money on pet care? Please share in a comment below!


Until Next Time,

Jessica M.

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