Hosting a Bachelor Party on a Budget


Don’t worry guys, I didn’t leave you out. Just as the bachelorette party is important for the bride-to-be to have one last fling with her girls, the soon to be groom needs the same with his guys….The Bachelor Party. Just remember — being in our 20’s, it is likely the groomsmen aren’t rolling in money. So what? It is still possible to throw a killer bachelor party. All you really need is a group of guys and a good, cheap game plan. Read on for 6 bachelor party ideas that won’t require you to max out your gold card.

1.Baseball Diamond
Looking for something virtually free to do while spending some time in the sun? Why not head to your local park for a ball game? Bring a cooler and any gear you own. After you’re finished playing, head to your local pub or back to the best man’s pad to hang out and reminisce about old times.

2. Sports Night
This one’s pretty simple. Arrange to have the bachelor party on the night of a big game: basketball, baseball, football, or whatever’s on. Take over a corner of your local sports bar and settle back to enjoy the game, ordering beverages and wings by the dozen.

3. Golf
The summer is a perfect time to get the guys together to hit the links. Golfing with a group can take up the majority of your day so pack a cooler ( if the golf course allows it) and get ready for some competition. Although golf isn’t the cheapest sport, it will be a lot cheaper than heading to a casino or paying for a hotel and airfare.

4. Pitch a tent
Bachelor parties aren’t all about hopping a plane to Vegas anymore. Today’s grooms love to celebrate “guyness” in more rustic ways. Reserve a spot on your local campground or even in your own backyard. Grab some tents, food, a cooler and spend the night around the campfire enjoying fine drinks and fun stories.

5. Poker Night
If the groom and groomsmen can’t swing the trip to Vegas, bring Sin City to them: Host a poker night! Stock the bar, order gourmet pizza, play some music and game on! Just try not to let the groom lose too bad!

6. Karaoke
Nothing rivals the humiliation factor of a karaoke performance. Have a fun time by taking the groom out to a nearby karaoke establishment at the end of the night. Tell him he sounds great singing his own extended version of “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. For extra points, get the performance on video.


Most importantly, make sure the groom is having fun! This day is all about him after all, just don’t make him pay for anything! Plan things that the groom would enjoy, not just yourself. If you are unsure of where to begin, check out this website on How to plan a bachelor party.

Have you hosted a bachelor party before? Share some of your budget friendly ideas with us in a comment below!



Jessica M.

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