Football Friday: Tailgating Fun!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Football season is finally here and I could not be more excited! The early morning tailgating, the smell of meat cooking on the grill, thousands of people roaming Melrose Ave and the Iowa Fight song blasting in the background…. it’s all just so perfect. Now there isn’t really a wrong way to tailgate, but with another football season beginning, here’s some advice on getting the most out of your day at the lot. Go Hawkeyes!


1. Ham and Cheese Sliders
I know what you are thinking…ham and cheese sliders…. does that really require a recipe? The answer is YES it does. These have so much flavor and everyone at your tailgate will absolutely love them. If you are interested, click here for the recipe!

Ham and Cheese Sliders - easy and crowd pleasing sandwiches. {The Girl Who Ate Everything}











2. Bacon Wrapped Smokies in Maple Glaze
Of all the tailgating food I have made, this is by far one of my favorites. Warning: They are super addictive! They aren’t necessarily the most healthy food of choice, but they sure are delicious and super easy to make! Plus, who doesn’t love bacon!? For the recipe, click here!

Bacon-Wrapped 'Lil Smokies in a Brown Sugar and Maple Glaze...

3. Skinny Taco Dip
In case you are looking for something a little lighter, check out this skinny taco dip! It’s delicious, popular and it only takes about 5 minutes to make! Just don’t forget the Tostitos! Click here for the recipe!

I make this dip for every party!




Who says games are just for kids? Spice up your tailgate with these fun and popular games that everyone in your group will enjoy!

1. Bags (Cornhole)
The simple “bags” game is a great addition to a tailgating event! Bags sets can get a little pricey though, so why not make it yourself! Decorate it with your favorite college/NFL team colors, add your team logo, and you will be all set for game day!

2. Life Size Jenga
As a kid everyone loved the game Jenga. So why not turn it into a life-size tailgating game? My brother purchased this game online and has taken it to several Iowa football tailgates. It is always such a huge hit that people walking around want to join in!  You can purchase this online or if you are feeling crafty, try making it yourself!

3. Ladder Golf
Another fun game that adults will love is Ladder Golf! Ladder golf is an addictive game that can be inexpensively made using PVC tubing, string, and a few golf balls. It’s fun, easy and it’s a game for all ages!


Do you have any delicious recipes or games that you play while tailgating? If so, please share with us in a comment below! Be safe and Go Hawks!


Until Next Time,

Jessica M.

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