Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips and Tricks


Christmas is six days away and you still haven’t finished buying gifts for your loved ones? Knowing when and where to shop will help save you time and money in these last days of the Christmas shopping season. So, before you go into panic mode, check out these last minute shopping tips. You’ll find everything you need with plenty of time to spare, and nobody on your list will know you procrastinated…..again.

Shop Online: If you want to avoid the crowds and long lines, go online to purchase your gifts. Just be ready to pay higher shipping fees if you want it in the next few days. Also, keep your eyes open for deals! Many retailers have offered lower prices online this year versus shopping in stores.

Become a Night Owl/Early Bird: To avoid long lines and the crazy last minute shoppers like yourself, one tactic is to become a night owl. Many retailers are open longer in the week before Christmas. If that is hard for you, try getting there right when the mall opens. I did this last weekend, and it was much more relaxing trying to finish up my Christmas shopping. There were hardly any lines and I didn’t have to say excuse me every five seconds just to get across the store.

Baked Goods: Did you bake more cookies than necessary this year and are unsure what to do with all of them? Well I have the perfect answer for you. Give them away as Christmas gifts! Those diets aren’t starting until after the new year anyway, right? Christmas doesn’t have to be all about buying the most expensive gifts, it’s the thought that counts. Your guests will be just as excited to receive baked goods from you as they would if you went out and bought a gift from the store!

Give a Gift Card: Almost every retailer offers gift cards now, so forget the idea that plastic is an impersonal gift. After all, who wouldn’t want to go on a shopping spree at one of their favorite stores? To dress it up a little, add a personal touch, such as a coffee mug filled with their favorite candy or a gift card to a book store tucked into their favorite novel.

Wait Until the Weekend After Christmas: You’ve waited this long, why not wait just a few more days! The sales after Christmas are usually the best deals of the year as stores are trying to prepare for spring inventory. Check out this list of things you should wait and buy after Christmas to help you save a few extra dollars this holiday season!

Get Creative: If you have some time to spare, get in the spirit of DIY (do it yourself). Not sure where to start? Pinterest is what I like to call the “creativity hub” as it offers a number of do-it-yourself project ideas along with instructions on how to create the perfect gift for your friend, family member or colleague at little or no cost to you.

Regift: Just to throw it out there, I don’t necessarily recommend this but… it’s an option. Do you have any brand-new items sitting around the house? Perhaps you’ve received a few gifts in the past on special occasions that you have no use for? These items are perfect to regift. Before you dust them off, be sure you’re aware of who gave the gifts to you so they don’t end up in the hands of the original purchasers. That would be a nightmare.

If you are going to be at the mall this weekend, prepare yourself now for long lines at checkout, no parking spots and large crowds! Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉 With these tips, I wish you the best of luck in your last minute Christmas shopping adventures! Merry Christmas everyone!
Until next week,

Jessica M.

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