Thrifty Thursday: DIY Skin Care/Beauty Products


There is nothing like having a little down time to pamper yourself a few times a year. However, going to the store and purchasing high end products to do so, can drain your bank account pretty quickly. Ditch the expensive beauty products and get in the habit of DIY (do it yourself). Not only can  you find most of these ingredients in your kitchen, but you will avoid the chemicals and artificial junk that may be doing more harm to your skin than anything else.

1. Hair Mask
There are so many hair masks you can create that will help your hair stay beautiful, but my favorite is this recipe including coconut oil and honey. These ingredients combine to make a mask that your hair won’t soon forget. The richness of the coconut oil, combined with the antibacterial nature of the honey give this a consistency that feels amazing while applying it, and leaves your hair feeling amazing. Click here to find out how to make and apply!

2. Exfoliating Oatmeal Body Scrub
This scrub is specifically designed to exfoliate the skin, and help keep it calm at the same time with oatmeal. Four simple ingredients go into this recipe, and out comes a body scrub that doesn’t include any harmful ingredients that actually work against you. Click here for the recipe!

3. Natural Lip Scrub
Make sure your lips are healthy and smooth all year long with this DIY lip scrub. Using a homemade lip scrub once a week, especially in the wintertime, is very important. Your lips have the thinnest skin on your whole body and should avoid becoming chapped or dry. Many people suffer from dry, cracked lips and there’s no reason to keep them that way!  Apply this scrub to your lips for about 20 seconds and you will see results instantly!

4. Face Masks
Why pay for a store-bought face mask when you can use basic ingredients found around the house to make your own concoction! The first thing to do when making a DIY face mask is to pick a base. These are usually simple ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. Check out a few recipes that work great for all skin types!

Curious as to what kind of mask will work best for your skin? Check out this BuzzFeed article for more information!

5. DIY Eye Cream
Eye cream is necessary to get rid of puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles. Don’t try to fight it!  For a natural moisturizer that targets that delicate under-eye area and boosts collagen production, you’ll only need a small container and 2-3 ingredients. You can create the eye cream without the essential rose oil, but if you want the extra perks try it out! Click here to find out more!

6. Coconut Oil for Everything!
Did you know you can swap out many of your beauty products for coconut oil? Get rid of the expensive moisturizer, hair products and switch to coconut oil. It can be used for almost anything ranging from make up remover to reducing premature signs of aging! Sounds appealing right? Click here to find out how you can use this in your morning/bedtime routine!


Have you made any of these DIY products? What did you think? Any recommendations?


Until Next Time,

Jessica M.

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