Hey teens! Are you wanting to earn some extra money this summer but not sure where to start?  There are several ways to earn money this summer with a little or a lot of skill.  Everyone can always use some extra cash saved up for something.  I am encouraging each and every one of you to get creative and start building up that savings account by next school year!

The first and most important step is to sit down and create your goals.  How much do you want to save?  How many hours do you want to work extra? And ask yourself, why?  Why do you want to have the money?  Give it a purpose!  Once you can really think through what you want, be sure to stick to it!  If you reach one of your goals, keep going!  You can never have too much money.   Here are a few ideas on how to make extra easy cash this summer:

  1. Have a Garage Sale – Ask your family members and friends if they have a few things they want to get rid of and collect a few things in your closet you may have not used or worn in a while. Organize a garage sale with a sign at the end of the street and sell, sell, sell!
  2. Yard work – Some people really do not have the time or energy to mow or rake leaves. Take advantage of this if they are willing to pay you to help them out.
  3. Tutoring – Do you have any subjects that are very simple or easy for you? Maybe you can find a couple of students that need a little extra help and tutor them through the summer.  Perhaps it isn’t a school subject but maybe an instrument you play that you could help teach them.
  4. Coaching – Involved in any sports? Get connected with the little league baseball team down the road and help coach and mentor them through the summer.
  5. Lifeguard – This is a great way to make money during the summer if you like the water! You can make a lot of money per hour if you can get CPR certified.
  6. Housesitting – Do you know anyone going on vacation this summer that maybe has some pets that need to be looked after? If you can take care of yourself, you can take care of a pet and a house for a week.
  7. Cleaning houses – Some people don’t have time to keep their homes clean either, take advantage of their long work weeks and offer to clean their house once a week. Make sure to offer it more but do a really great job so they keep hiring you!
  8. Car Wash – This is a really fun way to earn some money! Normally some local businesses will donate the use of their water for you to host the car wash.  Gather up some of your friends, put on a quick car wash, and split the cash!
  9. Newspaper routes – I know many of you don’t read the newspaper but there are still many folks that do! It can be a tough early morning job but the more you do it, the easier and quicker it becomes.
  10. Babysitting – If you like kids or have any siblings, see if you can watch them for a few hours and you can make some big bucks doing this!

The best thing about these ideas is that they only scratch the surface. There are TONS more ideas that we didn’t list.  This is where you step in and get creative!  Make sure to set those goals and prove to yourself that you can earn some big money this summer!

Let us know your favorite ways you have earned money this summer!

Lindsey G

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