School is dismissing in about a month and that usually means tests are going to start coming left and right and before you know it, your brain literally feels like mush.  Summer can’t come soon enough, Right?! How will you finish out your school year? Do you have a plan yet?

We have discovered at least 9 successful habits you can start doing to help keep you on track for this last month of school and keep you acing those tests.

**Lay Out Your Clothes The Night Before

How many of us wake up at the last minute possible?  I know I do.  We waste a ridiculous amount of time in the morning picking out our clothes.  Take 5-10 minutes at night to pick out your clothes, shoes, socks, accessories, everything.  This will help you hit snooze one more time in the morning.

**Plan/Organize The Next Day

Some use a planner and some don’t.  You don’t need to change that unless you want to.  If you physically write down a ToDo list on a piece of paper or in your planner, this will keep you very organized and on track to accomplish all the things you need to do each day.  It may even motivate you to get everything crossed off your list early so you have more time to study or relax for all your tests.  If you don’t write down or plan out your day, how often do we lose track of time trying to remember what all we had to do each day?

**Clean Up

Have you ever heard the saying, when you look good, you feel good?  Studies have shown that even a simple shower in the morning can kick-start your day and most people are more productive.  If you get in the habit of making sure to get your personal care routine in check, you will most likely be much more successful!  I encourage you for the rest of the year, start your day with a shower, maybe put on a new outfit each day that looks nice, and be sure to do your hair. Also, I promise you will feel like a celeb!  This will help you stay motivated to keep rocking those tests that just don’t end.

**Set A Bed Time

It is very important to keep your body on a schedule so it’s important to schedule a bedtime every night that way you have a goal time to be in bed by. Establishing this habit will help you feel great when you wake up!

**Set Your Alarm

This is similar to setting a bedtime!  Keeping your body on a routine will help you wake up super refreshed and awake! Now some people will tell you to never hit your snooze but lets be real here, the snooze button is the best thing EVER!  It takes me a little bit to wake up each morning so the snoozes help me gradually wake up.  I always set my alarm two snoozes before I actually need to get up.  If you are great at waking up quickly, then you don’t need to worry about your snooze but if you’re anything like me, I love my snooze button.  You can make the decision as to when you want to set your alarm for.

**Create An Evening Routine

Similar to your morning routine of getting ready for the day, you need to have an evening routine to prepare your body for sleep.  The better your sleep habits are, the more rested you feel for school.  For me, I can’t go from studying to brushing my teeth and then go right to sleep, I have to add more things in before that are relaxing to help get myself to actually fall asleep.  So I normally study until a certain time then have a light snack, maybe a string cheese, or a small bowl of cottage cheese (make sure it is not sugary foods). Once I finish my snack, I head to the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth, take my vitamins and then change into my PJ’s.  After this is done, I write my list for the next day – this usually helps determine what I will want to wear the next day, I will get my clothes picked out and hop to bed.  Don’t forget!!  If you had braces, put in your retainer! 🙂  You definitely do not want to wear braces again, ever!

This nightly routine helps me so much because then by the time I get laid down, I am not staying awake thinking about the 100 things I need to do the next day because they are all laid out and organized for me.


Some of my friends really like to read and sometimes it helps them get to sleep.  If this is you, I really suggest you pick up your book or kindle to read when you get to bed instead of watching TV.  This will help calm you down quickly for a good nights rest!


Like reading before bed, writing in your Journal has several great effects on you.  First, it helps you self-reflect and grow.  You can reflect on your entire day and write things down to look back at later.  Jotting down your daily lists in your journal is a great way to keep track of the things you did each day, also.  It will be neat to look back at those things that you loved or hated in high school that may not bother you or excite you in college.  Sometimes you will see patterns and figure out more about yourself than you even knew.  Secondly, writing in your journal will help you relax, if you aren’t a reader, you can start scribbling in your journal, that could be very relaxing while you’re trying to get to sleep.


Lastly, being on your phone or tablet right before bed sometimes can hinder your sleep quality.  I would encourage you to get your social media or game fixes in before you start to get ready for bed and turn your notifications off on your phones while you sleep. Sometimes you could get a notification while you’re sleeping and if you wake up, that instantly throws off your entire routine that you just established for yourself.

I hope all these helpful tips and suggestions help you develop good habits for school!  I know these will help you feel more refreshed and confident about your school days and most importantly get through those end of the year tests!

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