Financial Tips for Fall

Fall means dreams of pumpkin spice lattes, turkey dinners and a cozy holiday season just around the corner. Here are a few ways to make sure you're financially well-equipped for the last stretch of the year. 1. Winterize your home: Save energy, save cash As temperatures drop, home heating bills rise. But properly sealing and insulating a house … Continue reading Financial Tips for Fall

Breaking Up With Name Brands

As you walk up and down the aisles at your local grocery store, shopping list in hand, do you stop and think about how you could save big bucks on your entire purchase without having to become an extreme couponer?  The secret? Buying private-label products instead of brand-name products. What are private-label products? Commonly referred … Continue reading Breaking Up With Name Brands

Budgeting Basics

Budgets are like the New Year’s resolutions of personal finance. We all know we should have one and we all know it’s a fairly simple thing to follow—at least in theory. Like resolutions, we often map out personal budgets with the best of intentions, only to abandon them a couple of weeks later. It’s easy … Continue reading Budgeting Basics

Trying to Save Money While Paying Off Debt?

Student loans. Car Payments. Rent. Credit cards. The list of debt for Millennials can go on and on, but those four mentioned above are the biggest income drain of all. It may seem impossible to save while trying to pay off debt all while trying to have somewhat of a social life. But no matter how hard you try … Continue reading Trying to Save Money While Paying Off Debt?

52 Week MEGA Money Challenge

For those of you who have tried the 52 Week Money Challenge and successfully completed it, I now have a new challenge for you! It's called the 52 Week MEGA Money Challenge. Now, I know saving money can be quite the challenge, especially when you are in your 20's. Many of us are counting every penny and … Continue reading 52 Week MEGA Money Challenge

Must Read Tips for Black Friday Shoppers

Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, is just 3 days away and once again retailers are offering holiday deals in an attempt to get more shoppers into their stores. Several of the biggest retailers are opening earlier than last year in hopes to one-up their competition. Stay ahead of the game by checking out … Continue reading Must Read Tips for Black Friday Shoppers

Why You Should Get Your Holiday Shopping Done Now!

The cold weather is officially here, meaning the holidays are right around the corner! Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Don't get stuck buying your gifts at the last minute. In fact, you could save money by doing your shopping early! 1. You will avoid breaking your bank all at once. Spending in smaller amounts … Continue reading Why You Should Get Your Holiday Shopping Done Now!

Five Easy Green Beauty Tips

Let's face it, keeping up with the latest beauty trends can be super pricey! Getting pampered, getting your hair done frequently, buying top branded beauty products.... it all adds up! However making quick changes to your beauty cabinet can save time, money and your carbon footprint by choosing items you have around your kitchen. Eliminate questions about some of your favorite … Continue reading Five Easy Green Beauty Tips

Money Monday: Ways You Are Throwing Away Your Money

Almost all of us have leaks in our budgets, but what's worse is that you may hardly notice some of them. Unfortunately, those small leaks can add up to big bucks over a short period of time.  The trick is to find the holes and fix them so you can keep more money in your wallet. That extra cash … Continue reading Money Monday: Ways You Are Throwing Away Your Money