Credit Score Breakdown

You’ve likely heard about credit scores before (thanks to all those commercials with terrible jingles), but what do you actually know about them? How long have they been around? And what’s the deal with checking them? A credit score is a number (usually between 350 and 800) that represents your creditworthiness. It’s a standardized measurement that financial institutions … Continue reading Credit Score Breakdown

5 Ways to Qualify for a Mortgage as a Young Adult

In the current economic climate, getting approved for a home loan can be confusing and difficult for first time home buyers. However, with some knowledge and some preparation, young adults can obtain home mortgage loans and purchase property. To better prepare younger loan applicants, here is a list of five things that lenders will consider when determining whether or … Continue reading 5 Ways to Qualify for a Mortgage as a Young Adult

Credit Card Consolidation Facts for Young Adults

Today's post is by Stewart Bradley. He is a contributory writer associated with the Debt Consolidation Care Community and has written several articles for various financial websites. Though he holds his expertise in the Debt industry and has made significant contribution through his various articles, he has interest in budgeting, mortgage, insurance, short-term loans, investments, credit … Continue reading Credit Card Consolidation Facts for Young Adults

Good Debt Vs Bad Debt

Many of us like to avoid that vulgar 4 letter word - DEBT. Debt can haunt you for years and consume every aspect of your financial life if you let it get out of hand. Now a days it is almost impossible to live without some kind of debt unless you decide to pay for your house with cash. … Continue reading Good Debt Vs Bad Debt