Tax Refund Tips

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Tax Season is here! Alright, it's time to fast forward to the fun stuff - your tax refund. How are you going to spend your tax refund this year? Are you planning to save it or are you going on a shopping spree? Before you make a decision, check out … Continue reading Tax Refund Tips

Kicking of the New Year the Right Way!

Well 2014 is almost over and what a fun year it has been! In less than 15 hours it will officially be 2015! Since the new year is all about making goals, have you thought about what your New Year’s resolution will be? If not, why not make it a goal to be financially savvy? Here are … Continue reading Kicking of the New Year the Right Way!

A New Graduate’s Guide to Personal Finance

Hey everyone, For those of you getting ready to graduate college this Spring and you're totally new or have little experience to the wonderful world of finances, this info-graphic has some great tips to help get you started on the right foot. Check it out!   If you are looking for more information to help guide you … Continue reading A New Graduate’s Guide to Personal Finance

10 Characteristics of Debt Free People

Do you know people in your circle that are already living debt-free lives? Well for us 20-something's, that feels nearly impossible with our entry level jobs and never ending student loan debt. As hard as it seems, it is not impossible. If you look at people who are successful they will tell you it wasn't easy, … Continue reading 10 Characteristics of Debt Free People

10 Personal Finance Tips You Should Know

Unfortunately, personal finance has not yet become a required subject in school, so you might be fairly clueless about how to manage your money when you make your first step into the real world. If you think that understanding personal finance is extremely complicated though, you're wrong. It's actually quite simple. Below are 10 easy … Continue reading 10 Personal Finance Tips You Should Know

Good Debt Vs Bad Debt

Many of us like to avoid that vulgar 4 letter word - DEBT. Debt can haunt you for years and consume every aspect of your financial life if you let it get out of hand. Now a days it is almost impossible to live without some kind of debt unless you decide to pay for your house with cash. … Continue reading Good Debt Vs Bad Debt

Home Buying Tips for Young Adults

Buying a home can be as terrifying as it is satisfying. Being in my mid 20's, I figured this was something I should research considering I may be purchasing my first home in the near future. This cheat sheet offers top home-buying tips from the experts. You can never have too much information when shopping for your home. … Continue reading Home Buying Tips for Young Adults

5 Ways To Become Debt Free In Your 20’s

Your 20's are supposedly the best years of your life. The crazy and carefree years. This is what your 20's are for, right? To feel and see as much as you can, to take advantage of not being tied down to anything and anyone and to go the extreme with everything that you do. But wait! Why does it … Continue reading 5 Ways To Become Debt Free In Your 20’s

Breaking Bad Money Habits

Are you carrying around bad financial habits with you today? Your 20’s are a time to grow, be independent and make a few mistakes. No one expects you to be perfect, but when mistakes turn into bad habits and they begin to sabotage your financial health, it’s time to take a step back and begin making active decisions … Continue reading Breaking Bad Money Habits